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How to dress in winter?

So winter is here and with it came the cold.

This winter like previous guys we find ourselves wrestling with the question of what to wear in the morning?

Should I put on a coat? Maybe just ankle boots are enough, and what about gloves?

Or there are those that are covered from head to toe and burning in the heat.

I bring my experience and opinion personally in riding in the cold and I am one who suffers from the cold.

In my experience the most important thing is to keep the body ends covered (hands, feet, head).

Our large muscles do not accumulate to fat keepers on insulation from the cold, in addition to large muscles like four-dimensional very fast to work, which in my opinion requires extra long pants, in winter as warms up very quickly with the sun rising.

But yes I would recommend leg sleeves that will keep you warm and start riding, and that you can take them off as soon as you are already warming up.

Regarding the top My recommendation - a short shirt with sleeves.

And for those who are more in levels and there are a lot of declines I would add a must-have product -> Windbreaker .

That will block the cold wind in the descents and prevent us from freezing cold.

Of course glasses are a must! Beyond being a complementary fashion accessory to a show it is an accessory

Very important from the security aspect no less if not more.

Glasses will prevent foreign objects and flying insects from penetrating the eyes during the descent which can distract us and even impair vision and cause God forbid an accident.

It will also reduce the drops in the cold in the eyes which is very nice.

The most important accessory are good gloves for hands and ankles.

In my experience these are the two most important accessories, if there is one thing I suffer from in levels it is that the toes are frozen at a level that you are losing sensation (and there is nothing worse than the feeling that you are about to lose some toes), the same in the hands.

I suffer less from cold while riding in the head if all that I have with cropped hair, so less critical to me, but yes can not harm a warmer hat or even a headband.

In any case, it is important that everything you take with you is comfortable with it and that it is easy to store after that, such as a windbreaker that folds into itself, or sleeves that can be inserted into the back pocket of the gutter. Choose what is comfortable for you and what makes you comfortable, but try not to overload yourself, because overheating is also not good during training.

And above all, ride safely and carefully.

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