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Custom clothing process work and what their sons.

So how was the clothing born?

It starts with a meeting to understand the needs of the group, what do they want for longer / shorter distances clothing?

Fabric that will be very light and fumes or maybe more storage space, just want riding shirts or even a riding bib.

You may want complementary coats or accessories like gloves, base jerseys and the like.

Of course the question of price for investment is asked, this is also a factor in choosing the right garment.

Choosing the type of garment

Once we have understood the customer's needs, we present him with the alternatives.

Sample alternatives.

The difference in the clothes can be in the percentage of the composition of the materials, the types of weaving and the structure of the shirt, some of which create optimal ventilation with minimum weight and with maximum evaporation for maximum potential and comfort.

Then choose the clothing design, most groups already have a permanent design that they work with or have a designer who does the clothing for them, which means that we as suppliers need to give the designer a template (sketch for design) for the shirt design, on which he pastes his design.

And there are times when the customer asks us to design for him, we will do it according to his will and vision.

After we have designed the garment we meet again to choose the colors.

This is one step before the last, after choosing the colors for each part of the fabric, the order is sent to the factory together with the sketch we designed to continue construction by the factory designers, where the sketch is transferred to two types of sample templates: 1) Disassembled

Here you can see every piece of fabric that makes up the garment and its design along with the colors we chose and the additions we added

(Like sponsors' logos and the like).

2) 3D

Here you can see the garment in the simulation of what it will look like from all directions, nice isn't it?

3) Sample printing

The last step before production is sample printing, here the factory prints some of the fabrics from which the garment will be made and with samples of the colors so that the customer can confirm that this is what he wants and everything to his satisfaction.

Once the customer has approved the three steps, the sketch goes down to the factory for further printing and cutting, after the factory finishes producing the pieces of fabric all the parts will be transferred to the seamstresses who will put everything together into a marvelous masterpiece.

All that is left is to send to Israel and deliver to the customer :-)

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